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Buy, Sell, Rent-to-Own

Buy, Sell, Rent-to-Own

Buy, sell, or rent-to-own—we can help with it all in the Pittsburgh area!

Looking to sell your property?

When time matters, we’re minutes away!

It’s true. We’re here to help and our deals are confidential. We treat you and your situation with respect and a sense of urgency. It’s all about our 24-hour guarantee.

Our appointments are typically set up the same day, or at least, the very next day, as your schedule allows. We’ll commit to a firm written offer within 24 hours of completing our walk through tour of the property with the people who will be making the decisions about the property.

Looking to buy?

Let us help you get your hands on that winning investment property. Add our opportunities to your current strategy because, let’s face it, no one can cover it all. Be sure you don’t miss great deals we can help you leverage. Fill in the form so we can add you to confidential buyer database and we can start sending deals your way.

Does rent-to-own work for you?

Want to stop paying rent to a landlord and start putting equity into your future? Let us help by getting you into a renovated home on a rent-to-own basis that puts you in control of your future! Contact us today and start planning a more prosperous future now!

Bird dogs, shooflies and property sleuths:

Would you like to be paid up to $500, or even more, for just making a referral?

Simply contact the property owner and let them know that you have a trusted resource for them. Complete and submit the form and upon closing of the transaction, you’ll be paid up to $500 or more! Submit the form and let’s set up the framework right away!


Looking for a way to invest and make tremendous returns? Maybe even leverage the tax code and reduce your income taxes legally? Do you wonder why the big real estate investors sometimes don’t even owe ANY income taxes?

Contact us and find out what a great opportunity our real estate deals can be for you and your capital!